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Biomatrica featured its AssayStable® technology and DNAgard® Saliva HT device at AACC 2016, Booth 2761, in Philadelphia, PA, August 2 - 4, 2016.

Biomatrica achieved ISO 13485:2003 Quality Certification

Biomatrica presented a poster on Pre-Analytic Solutions for Liquid Biopsy at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2016 in New Orleans, LA, April 16 - 20, 2016.

Biomatrica featured the DNAgard® Saliva HT device at Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2016, Booth 443, San Diego, CA, Jan 25 - 27, 2016.


Biomatrica was awarded a DTRA Biotech EZ BAA contract by US Dept. of Defense.

Genmark Diagnostics discussed their use of Biomatrica's AssayStable technology in their microfluidic assays at AMP 2015.

Biomatrica announces launch of DNAgard® Saliva HT device for saliva DNA collection optimized for high-throughput automated processing.

Biomatrica appoints Nick Ecos as new CEO.

Biomatrica announces broad patent award for novel method of preserving biological materials at ambient temperatures.


Microbiologics partners with Biomatrica to provide stabilizers for RNA and DNA controls

Dr. Rolf Muller spoke on the application of Biomatrica's ambient preservation technology to regenerative medicine.

Biomatrica and Sigma-Aldrich sign worldwide distribution agreement

Biomatrica and ATCC sign licensing agreement for supply of room temperature DNA & RNA stabilization reagents

COO of world’s largest university-based biorepository endorses Biomatrica’s stability technology

FBI study validates Biomatrica's DNAstable technology

Harvard laboratory uses DNAstable to collect & transport biological samples from Africa to USA.


FBI study validates Biomatrica's DNAstable technology for DNA storage at ambient temperatures

McGill University Green Biobank features room temperature products

Biomatrica's DNAstable® featured in a video on collecting and transporting biological samples from Africa to USA.

Biomatrica launches DNAgard Saliva for collection and stabilization of DNA in saliva samples at ambient temperatures.

Validation services for Biomatrica products offered by IBBL

McGill University Green Biobank features room temperature products


Biomatrica Secures Financing of $5 Million

Harvard Univ. and other Boston Area research labs are evaluating Biomatrica's ambient temperature technologies: Biomatrica: Smart...Strategic...and Sustainable Lab Sample Storage.

National Interagency Confederation for Biological Research (NICBR) Biostabilization Symposium:
Keynote Speech: Following Nature's Lead - Developing Next Generation Biostabilization Reagents. Rolf Muller

RNAstable study at University of Colorado, Denver:
Study shows dry storage a viable option for biospecimensnews article on a pilot study conducted in the laboratory of Professor William Robinson, MD, Ph.D, University of Colorado Cancer Center, Denver, CO. Published March 5, 2012.

Biomatrica publications in Forensic Science International - Genetics:


San Diego Union-Tribune
Nothing frozen in Biomatrica's storage process

Homeland Security News
Biomatrica Secures Strategic Partnership Agreement with In-Q-Tel

Genetic Engineering News
Biomatrica and USAMRIID Sign CRADA to Develop Biological Sample Stabilization Reagents

San Diego Daily Transcript
Interview with Dr. Judy Muller-Cohn


Biomatrica DNAgard technology featured at the 2010 International Society for Animal Genomics (ISAG2010) Conference

Biomatrica technologies featured at the 2010 Experimental Biology (EB2010) Conference

Biomatrica technologies featured at the 2010 International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Conference


Lab Manager
Biological sample storage and management using Biomatrica's sustainable technologies was recently described in this article

Evidence Technology Magazine
How to Improve Recovery of DNA Profiles

Nature Methods
Biobanking: freezer burn


Chemical & Engineering News
Laboratory management software takes on the data explosion in life sciences

The New York Times
Helping New Technologies Grow Into Businesses, the San Diego Way

Lab Manager
How It Works - Protecting RNA Samples at Room Temperature

Drug Discovery & Development
Preventing RNA degradation is difficult, but newer systems for protecting this molecule may lead the way to better gene expression analysis.

American Laboratory
A Robust and Cost-Effective Alternative to LIMS for Sample Data Management

Emerging Technologies in Forensic Science
Saving Your Samples - Room Temperature Storage and Stabilization of DNA and RNA

San Diego Daily Transcript
Who's Who in Technology and Biotech


Save Money And The Environment: Green Alternatives For The Lab

Genetic & Engineering News
Making RNA more Durable at Room Temperature

The Economist
No Fridge Required

San Diego Business Journal
Biomatrica Goes After $34B Market for Preserving Lab Samples

San Francisco Chronicle
Shrink-wrapped Genes – DNA Direct of S.F. Offers Consumer Service

The Economist
The Glass Menagerie


San Diego Daily Transcript
Room Temperature Storage Key to New Biotech's Ambition

Fox 6 News: Biomatrica Overview
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NEWPORT BEACH, NOV 2, 2009 - Biomatrica's Judy Muller-Cohn (CEO) and Rolf Muller (CSO) were recently recognized as Finalists for the 2009 ABBY Award hosted by Adaptive Leaders in Business (ABL). The finalists and award winners were announced at the organization's 11th Annual Innovations in Healthcare Awards event. Learn more...

PORTLAND, MAY 15, 2009 - Biomatrica recently won an award at the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) Conference in Portland, Oregon for the poster:
"Samples stabilization at room temperature: From Collection to Storage."

SAN DIEGO, DECEMBER 19, 2006 - Biomatrica received CONNECT's "Most Innovative New Product" Award for its bio-sample storage system. The award, presented in the Life Sciences - Diagnostics & Research Tools division, was announced at the San Diego entrepreneurship organization's 19th annual showcase for innovative technology.