Thanks to our valued customers, we are scaling up. The excitement in our San Diego headquarters is escalating with new product launches and the rapid adoption of our existing products in the areas of NIPT and cell-based assays. At Biomatrica, we are committed to supporting our growth strategy and to advancing our mission to meet the needs of our customers.

In order to meet those needs, we are expanding our footprint by over 25%. This action allows us to bolster our research & development, manufacturing and logistical workspaces along with the addition of a new marketing & sales department. Included in this expansion is the implementation of high-throughput automation for product development and manufacturing processes . Being able to service current and future customers with enhanced efficiency is important to us.

This buildout is more than just a physical evolution of our company. 2018 is slated to be a very big year for us and we look forward not only to growing our site, but our organization as a whole.

The facility upgrades are scheduled to be completed in the Fall of 2018. Until then, it’s business as usual with no foreseen impact on meeting the needs of our customers.

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