We have the pleasure of announcing the grant of another new US patent for the stabilization and storage of nucleic acids and proteins for blood collection!  This patent, 9,999,217 entitled “Compositions for stabilizing DNA, RNA, and proteins in blood and other biological samples during shipping and storage at ambient temperatures”, granted on June 19th2018, reinforces Biomatrica’s novelty and interest in the areas of sample collection and stabilization of fragile biomarkers. Corresponding patents have been granted in Europe and Japan.

As we grow, our intellectual property and commitment to innovation continues to expand.  The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recognized our technology as novel in the realm of blood collection, which is directly supported by many products in our portfolio.  Biomatrica’s overarching goal is to continue innovating biomarker sample collection to enable new technologies and assays with greater sensitivity and precision, especially in the areas of liquid biopsy and non-invasive prenatal testing.

DNAgard™ Blood, RNAgard™ Blood, and LBgard™ all fall under the realm of our reliable and tested products that stabilize nucleic acids in blood samples. LBgard is particularly useful for detecting rare alleles, while RNAgard stabilizes and maintains transcriptome fidelity. Both allow blood samples to be transported at room temperature- which not only reduces transport cost but contributes to a greener planet. This patent helps us maintain our commitment to this area of sample collection, and motivates Biomatrica to continue to innovate in other areas of biomarker stabilization and storage.


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