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With a decade of commercial experience in biostabilization, Biomatrica brings perspective, products and customization to your team. Whether you are grappling with reducing pre-analytical variance in your clinical trials, improving cost structures or enhancing specificity/sensitivity in your assays, Biomatrica can help.

Partnering with Biomatrica gains:

  • Supply chain security
  • Early access to new groundbreaking products
  • Support for clinical applications

We are experts at customizing new formulations from lab-on-a-chip technologies to biomarker preservation.

We have engaged large, global NIPT and IVD companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific, GenMark, and Kaiser to achieve improvements in their assays and logistics. With ISO13485:2016 certification, quality systems, and CE marks on select products you can rely on Biomatrica to deliver.

If you have a new application, are considering a clinical trial, or want to discuss collaborations, we want to hear from you!

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Hard Lessons Learned:

Impacts of Pre-Analytical Variance on Liquid Biopsy Clinical Trials

 This white-paper explores how upstream assay factors impacted six clinical trials. Encompassing both regional and global teams, learn the commonalities in six trials that initially fell short and the likely responsible mechanisms.

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Improve Sensitivity
Reduce Pre-analytical Variations
Ease Shipping & Storage Logistics
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