RNA stable™ / LD


Stabilize and Store RNA at Ambient Temperatures

  • Preserves RNA at ambient temperatures without degradation
  • Eliminates the need to store RNA in freezers or to ship on dry ice
  • Concentrates RNA more effectively than other methods
  • Compatible with most downstream applications
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RNA stable™ and RNA stable™ LD allows you to preserve and ship your total RNA, mRNA, and miRNA for up to 12 years at ambient temperatures*. They provide a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to freezer crawl and lab space management. Moreover, they eliminate sample loss due to freeze/thaw cycles. When you are ready to use your RNA samples, you can fully recover them in minutes without any additional purification steps.

RNA stable is available in two convenient formats:

  • RNA stable: provided pre-dried in 1.5 ml microfuge tubes and 96-well plates to which hydrated RNA can be added.
  • RNA stable LD: a liquid reagent which can be added directly to RNA samples in your own tubes, multi-well plates, or other containers


Figure 1: RNA stable protects total RNA, mRNA, miRNA. Samples can be safely stored for 12 years at ambient temperature and protected from degradation.

Figure 2: Successful gene expression analysis on microarray.

Figure 3: (A) Aliquots of total RNA were stored for 29 months at either -80°C or at room temperature protected in RNA stable or unprotected. RNA integrity was assessed using agarose gel electrophoresis and bioanalyzer analysis (e.g. RIN score). (B) Aliquots of the stored samples were quantified using the 18S rRNA gene in a One-Step RT-PCR reaction. Three samples were amplified for each storage condition and the results from the 9 reactions are overlaid on the graph. (C) Recovery levels (pg) for total RNA stored under identical conditions.


  • Product formats:
    • Pre-dried in 1.5 ml microfuge tubes and 96-well plates (RNA stable)
    • Liquid aliquots of 2 ml and 10 ml (RNA stable LD)
  • Application volume: 100μl
  • Application amount: 0.01 to 100µg
  • Drying time: Overnight (laminar flow hood); 0.5 to 1.5 hours with vacuum concentrator system (speedVac®)
  • Recovery volume: 10 to 100μl
  • Recovery: ∼99.9%
  • DNA storage at room temperature: 12 years accelerated aging; 3.5 years “real time”


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  • Catalog No.: 93221-001
  • Description: RNA stable™ Tube Kit
  • Size: 25 x tubes
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  • Description: RNA stable Tube Kit
  • Size: 3 x 25 tubes
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  • Description: RNA stable™ 96-Well Plate
  • Size: 1 x 96-well plates (Min. Qty: 2)
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  • Catalog No.: 16901-081
  • Description: Breathe-EASIER Membranes
  • Size: 100-pack
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  • Catalog No.: 53201-013
  • Description: RNA stable™ LD
  • Size: 2 mL
  • Price: $410.00
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  • Catalog No.: 52201-013
  • Description: RNA stable™ LD
  • Size: 10 mL
  • Price: $1,230.00
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The reaction is not affected. RNA stable contains a pH indicator that turns pink when added to a slightly basic reaction mix.

Animal, plant, and viral RNA.

Place dried RNA stable™ samples in a foil sealed bag with desiccant. Place foil bag in an envelope and ship. No ice is required.

Samples are to be stored in a dry storage cabinet or a foil sealed bag with desiccant.

These are included with the kit if RNase contamination is a concern when drying RNA samples in a Vacufuge. You can view a video of this procedure here: http://youtu.be/a7uDSxW1Ap4


No. RNA will only stabilize high quality RNA samples with a RIN of 8.0 to 10.0.

RNA stable fluoresces in the 230nm to 260nm range. Simply use an empty tube of RNA stable as a blank for UV-Spectrophotometry and Nanodrop readings.

RNA stable is designed for shipping and long term storage of RNA. RNAconcentrator is designed for concentrating RNA samples and used for shipping and short term storage up to 1 week.

We recommend up to 3 times of drying and rehydration.

No, extended drying will not cause any damage.

Touch the yellow matrix with an RNAase-free pipette tip. If yellow does not stick to the tip, then RNA stable is completely dry. If yellow sticks to the tip, then RNA stable is not completely dry. Allow sample to continue drying.

100pg to 100ug of RNA per tube or well.

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