Maintain Whole Blood & Buffy Coat DNA Integrity At Ambient Temperature

Biospecimens for biobanking are typically stored frozen. However, these biobank specimens can be subject to multiple freeze-thaw degradation as they are routinely tested. With increasing number of specimens, biobanks are required to expand storage footprint and the number of freezers, with a corresponding increase in electrical utility costs.

DNAstable Blood is a preservative agent designed for the immediate stabilization and dry ambient storage of DNA from WBC and buffy coat.

The Biomatrica Advantage – Biobanking

No Cold Chain/Go Green: DNAstable Blood simplifies transit and storage as it does not require cold-chain. Eliminate freezers, ice shipments, and emergency power requirements.

Performance: The robustness of DNAstable Blood gives global, scalable performance. Store and ship between facilities at ambient temperatures.

Reduce Costs: Fewer expensive freezers to purchase and maintain. More cost effective than FTA cards and easily automatable.

Reliability: Biomatrica has been in business since 2005 and is relied upon by key organizations including: Roche, Thermo Fisher, GenMark and Kaiser Permanente.

Validated: Tested by numerous government and private institutions.

Protect DNA Integrity: Prevent DNA degradation due to multiple freeze-thaws.

Application compatibility: High quality DNA can be used in multiple applications including WGS, qPCR, and arrays. Easily automatable.

Stability: DNAstable Blood has better DNA stability compared to FTA and maintains DNA integrity for >12 years.

Easy to Use: Simply rehydrate sample and extract the DNA with standard isolation kits.

No Cold Storage/Refrigeration: Gain lab space by reducing freezer footprint.

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Hard Lessons Learned:

Impacts of Pre-Analytical Variance on Liquid Biopsy Clinical Trials

 This white-paper explores how upstream assay factors impacted six clinical trials. Encompassing both regional and global teams, learn the commonalities in six trials that initially fell short and the likely responsible mechanisms.

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