Ambient Long-Term Storage of DNA & RNA

Sample integrity is essential in forensic analysis, so purified DNA or RNA extracts are usually retained in -20°C or -80°C freezers. However, these samples can be degraded from repeated freeze-thaw cycles. Also, with the increasing number of purified nucleic acid samples a laboratory must store for long periods, forensics facilities face purchasing increasingly more freezers. This creates costs associated with an expanding floor footprint and additional utilities for both online and back-up/emergency power generation.

DNAstable products enable long-term dry storage of purified DNA at ambient temperatures.

DNAstable products enable long-term dry or liquid storage of purified DNA at ambient temperatures.

RNA stable products enable long-term dry storage of RNA (total, mRNA, miRNA)  at ambient temperatures.

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ParameterDNAstāble™/LDDNAstāble™ PlusRNA stable™/LD
AnalytePurified DNAPurified DNATotal RNA, mRNA, miRNA
Analyte stability at Ambient Temp (dried)>30 years>40 years>12 years
Analyte stability at Ambient Temp (liquid)N/A>1 yearN/A
Bulk Format2ml/10ml2ml/10ml2ml/10ml
Plate Format96N/A96
Custom FormatYesYesYes
Use CaseLow DNA amountsStandard lab techniques, high shipping/storage temperaturesRNA concentration, standard lab techniques

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