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Blood Collection Devices for Ambient Preservation of Cellular DNA, RNA and Genomic DNA

Sensitive genetic material can rapidly alter in drawn blood, impacting a range of analyses and applications including transcript profiling, DNA methylation, and long-range PCR. While the clinical moniker “fresher is better” certainly applies, in many case, blood samples are drawn at remote locations and shipped to central laboratories or research facilities- a process where the shipment cycle alone is often longer than 24 hours and in other cases may average closer to 5 days (A). If not stabilized, RNA begins to degrade within 24 hours (B).

DNAgard is a blood collection device designed for the collection and immediate stabilization of high MW DNA.

RNAgard is a blood collection device designed for the collection and immediate stabilization of RNA and DNA.

LBgard is a blood collection device designed for the collection and immediate stabilization of cfDNA and CTC’s.

Blood Collection- Make the Right Choice

DNA Yield and PurityExcellentExcellentcfDNA-Excellent
DNA Stability-Ambient Temp14 Days>6 months14 Days
RNA Yield and QualityExcellentN/AN/A
RNA Stability - Ambient14 DaysN/AN/A
CTC/PBMCN/AN/AStability: 4 Days
Blood Volume2.5ml6.5ml8.5ml
Use CaseqPCR, arrays, NGSLong-range PCR, Methylation, NGSLiquid Biopsy, NIPT,
Methylation, NGS

The Biomatrica Advantage – Blood Collection

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RNAgard and DNAgard

Scalability: The robustness of RNAgard and DNAgard gives global, scalable performance. Transition easily from bench to neighborhood clinic or end-user due to the resilience in variances caused by shipping and temperature.

Go Green & Reduce Costs: Eliminate the cold chain and decrease shipping expenses by removing ice. Get improved operational efficiencies with fewer re-works due to degraded samples.

Reliability & Supply Security: Biomatrica has been in business since 2005 and is relied upon by key organizations including: Roche, Thermo Fisher, GenMark and Kaiser Permanente.

Global Access: RNAgard has a CE mark and path to regulatory approval in a number of countries.

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RNAgard and DNAgard

Maximal Nucleic Acid Purity and Yield: RNAgard has higher yield and purity in stored samples than PaxGene Blood RNA tubes and maintains transcriptome fidelity. DNAgard outperforms competitors, especially in long-term storage.

Advanced Applications: RNAgard’s fidelity in preserving transcriptomes is excellent for gene expression profiling/transcriptome analysis, while DNAgard stabilizes samples for both NGS and methylation analysis.

Robustness: Both RNAgard and DNAgard are resistant to temperature excursions resulting in fewer degraded samples during transit in summer months or in high-temperate zones. RNAgard outperforms competitors such as PaxGene RNA Tubes that require ice, with room temperature stabilization of RNA for 14 days and DNAgard stabilizes genomic DNA for over six months.

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Hard Lessons Learned:

Impacts of Pre-Analytical Variance on Liquid Biopsy Clinical Trials

 This white-paper explores how upstream assay factors impacted six clinical trials. Encompassing both regional and global teams, learn the commonalities in six trials that initially fell short and the likely responsible mechanisms.

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