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Maximize Recovery of cfDNA, Cells, and Plasma Volume with LBgard™ Blood Tubes

NIPT and liquid biopsy testing often requires detection of low frequency variants. However, if sample integrity is not maintained, then wild-type genomic DNA can contaminate the sample and skew or obscure results. Temperature excursions during shipment can be a leading factor in loss of sample integrity. Some preservative agents can also cause DNA damage, leading to increased false positives in clinical research samples.

LBgard is a blood collection device designed for the collection and immediate stabilization of cfDNA and CTC’s.

The Biomatrica Advantage – NIPT & Liquid Biopsy

Scalability: The robustness of LBgard gives global, scalable performance. Transition easily from bench to neighborhood clinic due to the protection against variances caused by shipping and temperature.

No Cold Chain/Go Green: Decrease shipping expenses compared to plasma by removing refrigeration. Eliminate breakage while achieving  easier disposal than glass tubes.

Fewer Reworks: LBgard prevents the hemolysis that causes patients to be re-drawn and a rework for the operation/process team.

Supply Security: Biomatrica has been in business since 2005 and is relied upon by key organizations including: Roche, Thermo Fisher, GenMark and Kaiser Permanente.

Centralization: Prepare samples at core facilities rather than local phlebotomist sites and  drive down sample variability. No re-works due to plasma thawing.

Global Access: LBgard has a CE mark and path to regulatory approval in a number of countries.

Maximal Plasma Volume: LBgard minimizes plasma loss, prevents hemolysis and stably preserves CTC and WBC’s.

Low Interference: LBgard prevents the interference with analysis, such as gDNA and products from hemolysis.

Rare Allele Detection: High sensitivity in cfDNA applications allows low-frequency variant detection.

Application Compatibility: LBgard is compatible with a number of applications including methylation marker testing, NGS and ddPCR.

Robustness: LBgard is resistant to temperature excursions resulting in fewer compromised samples during transit in summer months or in high-temperate zones.

Improve No-calls: Increased robustness to temperature excursions and diminished variability at remote sites reduces pre-analytical variation to improve No-call rates.

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Hard Lessons Learned:

Impacts of Pre-Analytical Variance on Liquid Biopsy Clinical Trials

 This white-paper explores how upstream assay factors impacted six clinical trials. Encompassing both regional and global teams, learn the commonalities in six trials that initially fell short and the likely responsible mechanisms.

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