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Control & Stabilize Your Assays at Ambient Temperature

Assay developers face a number of challenges. Components (e.g. Taq polymerase) in chips and cartridges used in POC or molecular diagnostic platforms often require lyophilization techniques that need months of expensive development and production time. Additionally, the lyophilized components are susceptible to humidity during transport, storage and use which can reduce robustness. Besides lyophilization, PCR or RT-PCR assays may use low quantity/quality DNA or RNA templates and are difficult to amplify. Another common challenge are assays with inhibitors, such as heme from blood samples.

Assaystable and PCRstable are services that preserve and stabilize assays (PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR, immunoassays, protein assays, controls) at ambient temperature.

ReadyDry PCR Stabilizer is a kit that preserves and stabilizes PCR assays at ambient temperatures after simple air drying.