Self Collection- Saliva

Achieve Superior DNA Yields and Quality from Saliva Collection

Saliva sampling is a useful non-invasive means for offsite DNA collection. Whole saliva collection has clear advantages over other alternatives such as buccal abrasion swabs, foam swabs and oral rinse, including higher DNA yield and better DNA quality.

Salivagard HT DNA is a saliva collection device for high-throughput applications requiring excellent DNA yield with no incubation step.

Salivagard DNA is an economical saliva collection device that provides excellent DNA yield with no incubation step.

Make the Right Choice – Self Collection

PropertiesSalivagard™ HT DNASalivagard™ DNA
DNA Yield and PurityExcellentExcellent
DNA Stability-Ambient Temp>1 year>1 year
Saliva Sample2ml2ml
Incubation StepNoNo
Cap TetherYesNo
Pierceable CapYesNo
Leak/Contamination RiskLowLow
Ease of UseExcellentVery Good
Bar Code LabelsYesNo
Use CaseHigh-throughputSmall-Mid scale studies

The Biomatrica Advantage – Self Collection

Scalability: The robustness of Salivagard gives global, scalable performance. Transition easily from bench to neighborhood clinic or consumer due to the protection against variances caused by shipping and temperature.

Reduce Costs: Get better user compliance with Salivagard DNA HT  for fewer re-works and greater processing flexibility.

Reliability & Supply Security: Biomatrica has been in business since 2005 and is relied upon by key organizations including: Roche, Thermo Fisher, GenMark and Kaiser Permanente.

Global Access: Salivagard DNA HT has a CE mark and path to regulatory approval in a number of countries.

Maximal DNA Yield: Salivagard has on average 25% greater DNA yield than Oragene with equivalent DNA purity.

NGS/WGS: These demanding applications require large amounts of DNA, and Salivagard delivers.

HT: Transition quickly to high-throughput automation by leveraging Salivagard DNA HT pierceable caps and triple-redundant labels that are LIMS compatible.

Fastest Protocol: Salivagard does not require incubation in a water bath. Save at least one hour during DNA extraction.

Robustness: Salivagard is resistant to temperature excursions resulting in fewer compromised samples during shipping in summer or high-temperate zones, and stabilizes DNA for over a year.

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Hard Lessons Learned:

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