Who would have guessed the weather in Washington DC would be so perfect in late August?  If you weren’t there to experience the pleasantly warm weather, historic monuments, and Next Gen Dx Summit, here are some of the highlights.  This year’s conference focused on rapid testing, immuno-oncology, precision medicine, and molecular biopsy.


Hot Topic #1: Liquid biopsy for patient screening

Liquid biopsy is being widely adopted as a way to screen patients for various conditions.  NIPT, cancer, organ transplants and a wide variety of diseases are just some of the areas where liquid biopsy is becoming increasingly relevant. With only a matter of time before the FDA approves additional tests, diagnostic companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of evaluating pre-analytical workflow when validating their assays.  As this awareness grows, the need for reliable sample collection in liquid biopsy is becoming critical.


Hot Topic #2: Devices that eliminate cold storage

The Next Gen Dx Summit also reflected a continued trend toward the development of devices with small footprints and even handheld systems that quickly detect the presence/absence of biomarkers. These devices will offer the flexibility of being used for point-of-care testing and require the circumvention of cold storage of critical reagents. Biomatrica helps manufacturers by providing room temperature preservation technology that is amenable to the development of microfluidic systems. Our line of dry stabilization offerings (ReadyDry™ PCR, Assaystable™, DNAstable™, RNA stable™ and PCRstable™) can directly support many of these up-and-coming products in the diagnostics space.


Hot Topic #3: Collaboration

Next Gen Dx was also an excellent opportunity to display the work we did in collaboration with a world leader diagnostic company in the development of chemistry to stabilize RNA on paper for the determination of viral load in HIV testing.   Diagnostic tests that require sophisticated equipment are difficult to perform on samples from rural cities in developing countries, especially when target analytes are not stable during collection, transport, and pre-analytical processing.  Healthcare needs and challenges continue to change and evolve globally, and Biomatrica aims to assist companies in their stabilization and cold-chain elimination needs in order to drive innovation and positive patient outcomes.


Learn more about Biomatrica’s liquid biopsy solutions for patient screening, elimination of cold chain storage, and opportunities for collaboration!